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Still can't view them on XP Pro with IE 6 and FF 1.5


Nikon D70s, Sigma 8 mm, 4 to 12 shots, Agnos MrotatorTShort, PTGui, PS CS3, and lots of other software :-)
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Sorry for my english i done my best, hope is better than your spanish he he

The samples are very slow on my pc. I cannot view them with Opera 9. Fire fox works but the applet is very slow.

Some thoughts:

When I got panoweaver 2.0 long time ago, I do not know anything about creating panoramas, I try to use PTGui and obviously I do not understand it at all and fail to stich my panos. As I only create panos periodically. That time panoweaver make my life very easy, without pro skills I done 30 panos just in just 4 days. That time I charged 130 each one. The price tag really is not a point here. A lot of professional do a lot of money and the license price is paid with a few panos. For the casual pano enthusiast, the price tag could be a problem, but when you got the fist formal job, the problem will be solved. I cannot buy the 4.0 version because I dont do panos every day like all of you here. But when a get a new panos project I will for sure.

Wish list for version 5:
New Logo and splash screen (I can help if you want).
Make some calls to some GUI experts and make a cool interface, we love cool things look cool. ( is a good option.
Java program must have more performance and explode new dual an quad core cpus.
Must work in dual monitor system
Better Photoshop output
Consider migrate the program to C, VB or some more efficient platform. Java works very ugly on old PC (mine has 2 years old and is very slow). And too many bottle necks.
Flash output with pangea performance plis !
Java output do no t work in alternative browsers I use 90% Opera, Firefox for panos viewing.
FLASH flash plis
The ability to place logos (floating water marks) and subtitles (descriptions).
The possibility to install plug-ins
And is good ideas create some DVDs so the casual user can learn faster. (Talk with and make some cool courses). (Some titles in Spanish please.
Do not make microsoft style. Work hard test with the most experts user here. do not relase before you get a supero robust new version. fast and un tested relases is suicde.
a new site, and more modern forum is a must

    greetings from Mexico City
    Mexico City
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    I have read all the comments you posted carefully and am really appreciated your efforts.

    it's sure that I won't delete the posts to show the result of ptgui. We admit ptgui is an very excellent software and Panoweaver will learn from it and surpass it in the future.

    It's true that IE7 won't show pano till now.But if you use IE6 with Microsoft Java, you may view them normally.

    As for the price, Panoweaver 5 will offer 2 keys. That is, you are able to use Panoweaver 5 on 2 computers at the same time.In fact, this is a kind of price adjustment.

    Plug-in is really useful and it's sure that we will continue to develop it.

    For the NNP problem, I have to say that I didnot take these fisheye images, so I cannot tell if he took like this on purpose. But just like you said, even the NNP is not accurate, PW5 can stitch them well. This will be quite usefulif one have to process batch images within short time.

    As far as I know, Oender, most people with use Panoweaver and Photoshop, so I think if "water mark" and similar fucntions can be realized in Photoshop, Panoweaver doesn't need to repeat.

    We are designing new interface and it looks much better, also we will release Flash instruction to introduce Panoweaver 5.

    Later, I will continue to write something about Panoweaver 5 and wish you discuss it.

    Thank you all again. 

    Easypano, Inc.
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    Could you please update us on tourweaver?