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Realviz Stitcher or Easypano?

Which is the best to use for full screen tours and what is the support like anybody use both formats??

And PC or Mac?


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Panoweaver supports both MAC and PC, as well as full screen QTVR.

Now we will release Panoweaver 5 and Tourweaver 2. Till now they will be the most powerful software in Panoramaic industry.

Easypano, Inc.
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To me, Panoweaver and Realviz stitcher are not the same.
each has its own strong sides and down sides.
Panoweaver is the best when it comes to quickly stitching pictures and creating virtual tours.
while the auto stitch on realviz stitcher is really really bad and you'll end up doing most of the work manually.

i'd go with the realviz stitcher if i want to stitch things to make big pictures. but not virtual tours.

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Hi, for me are three programs 1 PTgui but not work 8 mm lens 2 EasyPano is the best for 8mm lens 3 StitcherUnlimited only when have problems with the fusions in sky Zone, but for 8 mm lens dont make one good till this moment.......




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realviz stitcher only really makes sense if you a) want to stitch together lots of photos from a standard lens, like 30 shots or something and b) you are not very happy with computers so want an interface designed to look approachable. As such its quite popular with the more artistic end of things. The light edition is not outrageously priced and would probably complement panoweaver for the average user who wanted to create a very high resoution panorama with lots of shots.

To use it with fisheye lens's where you only take a couple of shots is dumb as its fisheye options are very expensive and still buggy being new. People are always complaining about getting them to work right. You might as well just pay the money for panoweaver.

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Yes, and the next release of Panoweaver will support other types of lenses so we are told. Might be worth holding out for Panoweaver 5.0

Regards, Smooth