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OK...another question for all who will listen.

I am taking photos and blending them together for 360 Tours. Am I stitching?..who knows. Is it 2 fisheye images?.....3?......4?...who knows.

Maybe I am simply so good that I can go into a room and take a number of photos with my wideangle and blend those images together using my Adobe program. After all, when all is said and done, all that is embedded into my images that tells where I have been is Adobe Photoshop due to the final  touchup process.

Who can prove wrongdoing?

I am simply using panoweaver for the purpose of placing a couple of hubcap logos at the top and bottom of each image.

All Replies welcome.


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I agree.  I overlapped 4 flat single images in photoshop to make our underwater snorkling panorama.  And then used ptviewer to display it.

I guess you would have a harder time creating a proportionate spherical image set in photoshop.


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