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various images for your perusal

Hi there guys,

those who've been on this forum for a while will know me but I#ve been very wraped up in work for the past year so that my posting here has been limited. I did a post the other day

with a tour published usimg Tourweaver and promised to add a few more.

Here's a few panos which are demos for clients. Some are just single shots, some multiple, some just java or QT or both:


Coolest Hotel in Berlin (Have a total of 50 Panos rest still in process)

Java ->

Swimming pool (building the site as we speak)


Kitchen Company

Hotel series
Canon 30D, Sigma 8mm, Manfrotto microleveler and Agnos MRotatorTCP.
Panoweaver 4.0/Tourweaver 1.3, PS CS2 + various plugins.
Panos all taken in RAW, RAW preprocess using Canon DPpro, Raws-> 8bit tifs for manual PS blending, PW4 stich in 6000x3000 for base image. QT images stepped down to 5000x2500 for publishing. Javas stepped down every 1000 pixels with unshapmask @30% with final 1600x800 unsharp mask @ approx 60%.
Hope you like... happy for any input as I'm always looking to improve.
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