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Automating Rotating of images



I抦 using a kaidan rotator and before I can use the images in poanoveawer I have to rotate them all.


I now the I can use Photoshop and generate a batch running that task, but I wonder if its possible to include something in the PWS file for the batch stitching, saying something abort that all the pictures has to be rotated?


Or if someone has made a small VB code doing the rotation and saving.

I have worked with some VB code myself using the Kodak Imagedit OCX, and I got it to work, But I lose a lot of detalis in my picture after this OCX is saving it about 300-400 kb. In loss. So it seems that it is saving it with copression.

So the pictures are not that good for using in the panoveawer after this conversion/rotating.


Hope someon  can help.


Best regards


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You are able to choose kaidan rotator to make an automatic rotation in Panoweaver3.0
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