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nodal ninja 3 (2007) ???

Hi guys,

anybody had any experience with the new nodal ninja 3 (2007)

A freind is thinking about purchaseing it due to weight. i seem to recal bad reviews due to camera sag for the older products.

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The Nodal Ninja 3 is an exceptional panohead for the money. I have multiple of them and never had any issue's with sag. You just can't use a battery grip with them. I still highly recommend them.

Regards, Smooth

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I too have a Nodal Ninja 3.  I use it with a D70 and D200.  It works great and best of all I can keep it on the tripod and fold down just one arm to put it in the soft case.  Great value. I recommend highly!


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I also use a nodal ninja 3 and it has worked great.  The company is very responsive.  When they upgraded some of the knobs they sent them free to me.  Great Panohead.