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Detent rings for nikon coolpix 4500

Hello all,
Sorry my english is not very well
I will like to know which Detent Rings must I use with my panohead QuickPan III for the nikon coolpix 4500 ?
I do not know which choice must I make on this page :
thank you very much for your assistance

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Hi bulma171,

This will depend on the lens you are using!

If you are use standard lens you should have a 18 position

If you are using fisheye (Two shot) for Panoweaver Standard Edition then 2 position detent ring. 180 degree for each shot.

If you plan to use fisheye (three shot) for Panoweaver Pro Edition then you will require 3 position detent ring (or any ring you can devide by 3, Example 18 position detent ring using position 6, 12 and 18.) 120 degree for each shot.

* The 3 position may not be listed on the Kaidan website but it is available!

I personally would buy these 3 different detent rings.

Hope this helps you out.

Regards, Smooth

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Alternatively, buy the 12 detant ring and count the clicks - save some cash. EG for three shots, count 4 clicks - 120 degrees...

Neill W

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Kaidan told me I have to buy a 14 positions detent ring with the WC E63 converter. So I always shoot 14 photos, and I stitch them with VR-Worx.

Sometimes it is better to stich 14 photos, sometimes it is better to stictch only 7. That's the advantage of the 14 detent ring.

J'avais pas vu que tu ?ais Belge, sinon j'aurais mis tout ? en fran?is... Tu peux me contacter par mail si tu veux des exemples de r?ultats.

Phil, French Guiana