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Hi there Vargas,

we should talk about some work for you. I'll drop you a mail.

just a couple of things:

when I went to your website I had some kinda chinese pop up ... pop up... which I couldn't quite workout what to do with.

I think it'd be useful for u to have your live support element on all pages.

i notice that ur navigation has a few flaws in it as the images on the left tend to float or are off position.

might be cool to let people know where they are on navigation by highlighting the active point.

Under services you offer you state:Graphic Design: We process all kinds of picutures with professional skills. If you have images to retouch, please don't hesitate to contact us! However the image next to it has nothing really to do with the industry in question and is badly pixelated. You therefore don't underline the point and show a poor image next to a statement. will make proffesional companies think twice about useing and contacting you.

Also the site appears to be a template. Whilst there's nothing wrong with that and I also need to redo my own site (lack of time) i just thought I'd point out that a little work will make the whole site appear more proffesional. You're saying that you're experienced website designers after all. By having a poorish product as your own site... well lets just say it doesn't add to the proffesinaol feeling needed.

Just out of curiositiy, on this forum you say you're from india but the site say you're in china...

I hope you don't mind my input here. It's supposed to be constructive and considering the fact taht you'll be wanting to speak to nuerous clients, advertising agencies etc. i thought it may be helpful for you to see what we see. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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