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Processing Raw

I have not updated to the new software. I have the trial installed and have a few questions. The raw processing takes a lot longer than the 50% tif files I am using now. I am real estate for realtors strictly and they do not get one additional minute for what they pay.

Can Raw files be resized? How many folks are using the Raw stitching?
John R Sembrot
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Hmm we use a Canon 350d (XT), or a 20d and a 5d.  All Canon Raw sizes are in fact taken full size with no  'in-camera' compression.  Can they be resized?  Sure! If they are non panorama  single image of a bird or tree they can be cropped.  But as a part of finalizing the image they have to be saved to another file type.. like an 8 bit jpeg, bmp or  16bit  tif.    The original Canon .cr2 or Nikon .nef remains unchanged... only the copy is cropped.  That is why they call the RAW file a "digital negative".   In the case of Canon raw .cr2 file type,  the image alterations are contained inside a side car ".xmp".  So when you want to see the picture again  the .xmp file alterations are implemented when you open the .CR2 file.

Question  What is a 50% Tif?

I would guess most real estate VR folks probably do not use RAW iamges because it adds too much time to the work flow.  For those who are working with large business - Raw imaging is probably their only method.

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If you have the additional time for RAW processing - Go right ahead.. I do mostly real estate tours and and only use RAW when I can not get a satisfactory WB setting from my camera - For example, in a finished basement with no windows, even with tungsten or auto WB, my pics turn out way too yellow - I can easily fix that in photoshop with the RAW file and get better results than if I tried to edit the colors after stitching... SO for real estate and the low budget associated with real estate tours, RAW is probably only good as a 'last resort'...

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