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virtual tour users survey

Hey Guys,

Been a while since I have posted here, sorry.  My four month old daughter is consuming a lot of my time these days.  Anyways, getting ready to form an LLC for my photo business and have been doing some research.  Pew Internet has an interesting survey that I thought I would pass along to maybe include into your sales line, web site, or wherever.  Arcticle was written 11/27/2006 view .pdf

Hope all has been well, looks like some bugs within TW 2 since my last visit.  Baby needs formula and pampers, got to get busy producing some paying tours


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Welcome back Pixel, Been wondering what happened to y'all.

Say Hi to the new family member for us...   Do a pano for us...


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Congratulations on the new family member! And thanks for the Pew Internet survey link. Interesting. Health, happiness, and prosperity to you and your family.
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All the best with the new kiddy winks!
PS as regards to a baby pano - surely a 'modelweaver' rotatable baby would be thats gotta be worth something for someones family album!