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2007 BMW 328I Car Tour

This is a virtual tour of the interior of a 2007 BMW 328I. The car interior pano was photographed in my garage. The background that is visible through the windows was shot as a separate pano at a luxury resort.

2007 BMW 328I:

I produced my virtual tour with the following:

1. Nikon D70

2. Sigma 8mm

3. 4 Shots + Top

4. Panoweaver 5.0

5. Quicktime Player

The new blender option in Panoweaver 5.0 has been a miracle cure and makes this stitcher a total package! Great software!

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Nice attempt.  

You need to clean up the zenith star and the dirty spots on the lens (or sensor). Easy fix in Photoshop.

Regards, Smooth

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Very nice.

I also saw an other example some time ago of a car where the photographer had cloned out the windows with the setting of a green aera. Very impressing!

Would you mind sharing how you clone the windows? Did you just make an extra layer in photoshop so the pano of the luxury resort was under the car pano and then erased the area of the windows??

Best regards

Morten Andersen


Best regards

Morten Andersen
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Wide Eyes, Exactly the technique.
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