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Pano conference idea

Hey there again!

Further to this idea, I truley believe it would be a much needed meeting - so that we all could network, create business ideas and opportunities and truly establish ourselves as the innovators in the Virtual tour world!

I would be willing to co-ordinate the first conference and  would even pay for all the hotel rooms - it would be in Grande Prairie, AB. Canada - all you would require would be your plane tickets and meals. Let me know all your thoughts on this?

DJ McKim
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I went to a panotools meeting here in Germany a while back with about twenty atendees. Most were from Germany with a few guys from the uk and holland as well. Was a great thing to attend with lots of pano talk and help. We compared work, cams, panoheads, stiching and viewing progs and the like. I loved it. Hey Dave... why don't we try and organise the vid conf idea... it would be great to c many a face on line.
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The IQTVRA did one like this in Washington DC recently. They had about 30 or so people attend.  Your International  EasyPano conference idea does have merit.

For those that are too distant... maybe video conferencing might be appropriate.  We successfully video conference with folks in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia.  Having broadband connections at both ends of the wire helps with the image and audio quality.


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