panorama software,virtual tour software
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Game Panos...

Thought I'd share this link as it might be of interest to some people.
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Great games

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I don't really like such kind of games. I like slot games a lot more. And luckily there are a lot of really good slot games on the internet, here for example -

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1 day ago

Very nice game, but I am interested in gambling more. I like gambling and it's a great pleasant fun for me and in my opinion it's ok if it's just an another small hobby, not a heavy addiction. Such type of games is very addictive in fact but yeah, if you play only for fun, there's usually a rather low risk for loosing selfcontrol and it's a completely different situation if money if your main goal. I think that it's really stupid to believe that it's a right way for making big money because it's such a random thing for this, besides such games are always made for making money from you, not for making various strangers rich from deposits and withdrawals with Paypal. And if you hate loosing and feel that your control weakens, that you really should stop...