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I've looked around and might just go with the Sigma 8mm ... scary things choices arent they!
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You might like to trade the Coolpix 8400 with FC-E9 + agnos mrotator head for lessons? I'm collecting a few older sets ups for students I teach locally.

Anyway, back to your questions.

The Nikon D70s is a fine camera and the Sigma 8mm Fisheye fitted to it will allow you to shoot 4 images at 90 degrees with super results. One trick will be to tilt the camera/lens up 4 to 5 degrees up from the horizon to close the Zenith when stitching. You will then only need patch the Nadir tripod area as you would with the Nikon Coolpix range.

OK, here are "starter" settings. Set the camera to (M) Manual mode and set the aperture to f/8.0 and then adjust the shutter speed to meet the requirements of the internal light meter (centerline position 0EV) -EV|--|--| +EV  it is most important that the ISO be set too 100 and the White Balance be on the correct setting for the scene I.E: Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent etc.

Panohead? Agnos MrotatorTCPS or MrotatorUM both will be perfect for this set up (the latter if you not going to use a battery grip) I have my Nikon D40X set up on a MrotatorUT and it very good. (The UT has the superior rotator base)

Understand that the learning curve is higher with the DSLR but not by miles. In fact I just started playing around with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 again and had too try and remember how to use it! LOL even looked up some of my own old posts!!

Anyway, get your gear and be amazed at the improvement. If you want my services you know where I hang out!

Regards, Smooth

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Unless the MRotator U using the  "M" style Rotator" ... the click stops are at every 60 degrees which means either 6 @60 = 360 or 3 at 120 degrees = 360.   With a Canon 350d or 20d and a Sigma 8,  I do not think that you get sufficient overlap between the 3 images at 120 degrees.

With the MRotator U "T Rotator"  you get alot of click stop variations including 4 at 90 degrees.   The Mrotator UT is the bracket and rotator combination we are using with the Canon 350d, 20d and 5d.


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Thank you for your prompt reply.

My wife packed my suitcases and put them by the door when I suggested we sell the Coolpix 8400 kit to generate money to purchase the Sigma Lens.  (She might suffer from Objectophilia)

I'll only be selling the 8700 kit and I have been able to fit the D70s on the Kingpano and found the npp in 5-10 minutes using settings on their website. (using standard 18-70mm lens)

I have the opportunity to buy a Tokina 12-24mm F4 aspherical lens for $ 250 cad.  This lens could be used to do Statics shots of home interiors.

Could it be of some use for panos ?  How many shots would I have to do and is it worth it ?

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