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Suggestions: Static from Pano

Ok, just got a call from a client recently shot.  They are asking for static shots of one of the rooms I shot.  After the fact of course.  So, my question is this, is it possible to correct distortion of the fisheye and then crop it to a proper appearing wide angle image?  Normally I take wide angle statics with my Nikon 4500 and WC-E63, which works great for most purposes.  Just wondering if anyone else has run into a similar request from a client, or for their own purposes.
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Try this program and see if it will work. I have it but don't use it much, really it's more because I don't know much about it. But I think it will do what you want. Also if you use Photoshop CS3 I think it will do it as well but I don't own CS3.

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PW5 will actually un-warp a single circular fish eye image. Select your image, select 1 circular fish eye then click the stitch option. The results are not perfect but you can also use the PS PTLens plug-in to help with the distortion. I have only played around with this so there may be a better solution.

Another option would be to run the pano in full screen mode and then take a screen capture then crop out the area you need.



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I am assuming you are using a coolpix nikon fisheye lens

Open PW5, 

Image type : Circular Fisheye  and tell it 1 image only

Load your 1 fisheye image

and Stitch the 1 image panorama.  What Panoweaver will do is DEwarp the image to say a 2000 x 2000 pixel flat image.

When I tried.. it dewarped the full circle image (canon 5d and full circle Sigma 8) alright.. but the door frames and angles came out bit odd.

After dewarping the fe image, and if you have Photoshop CS3 there is an option item tool called   EDIT |  TRANSFORM | WARP  and PS puts a grid overlay on the image.. and you can drag the doorway edges vertical.

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