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leveller or panhead

I have the Agnos Mrotator and am trying to decide whether to get another panhead or a Nodal Ninja leveller to save having to alter the tripod legs to level up. What do other people use?

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Hi Susz,

  • Fanotec E-Z Leveler
  • Manfrotto Ball Head 486RC2
  • Manfrotto #222 Pistol Grip
  • Manfrotto #322RC2 Pistol Grip

All do the job nicely.

I still prefer the Manfrotto #222 Pistol Grip, though I do have all the others. But it does leave a larger footprint because of the lever.

Regards, Smooth

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Thanks for the reply Smooth. The Nodal Ninja leveler was recommended by a supplier as opposed to a head as they reckoned a head would make it too bulky to use. If you recommend the #222 pistol grip, that's good enough recommendation for me. I'll route one out.

Does the larger footprint become a major problem?



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Issue here is that either the Ball Head or Pistol Grip must have capacity support equipment weight + safety margin.  The 488RC2 support weight is 17.6 pounds or (at 2.2 pounds/kilogram) = 7.818 kg   on an angle.

I bought a 1/2" diameter ball head thinking of saving some lifting weight.  Found out that when placing the pan head with camera/ lens on an off center angle... the rig slid off center and I could not get it to ball to lock tight enough to hold.   Answer was to get a ball head with a larger diameter ball.  The 488RC2 has a 1 1/2" diameter ball and rated for 17.6 pounds... locked tight.. holds all in place.

So even though your click stop rotator, Pan head bracket, Camera, lens weight might only add to 10 pounds... the ball/pistol head should be support rated at least 40 -50% more than the equipment weight.

Who knows you might buy a new heavier weighted camera next time and you will be glad you have a ball head that will still work.

Manfrotto Ball Head 486RC2  6kg x2.2 = 13.2 lbs

Manfrotto Ball Head 488RC2  8kg x 2.2 = 17 lbs

Manfrotto #222 Pistol Grip   2.5 kg  x 2.2 = 5 1/2  lbs 

Some equipment weights

Canon 40d            822 gr
Sigma 8mm          400
MrotatorTCP +B 1250

Total                   2.472 kg (x 2.2)  or around 5 1/2 lbs

Suggest you add up your equipment weight above the tripod top.

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