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Bracketed Images in 6.0 Pro

I like when the version 5 professional let me use bracketed images. In version 5 you select 12 images (4 - 3 stop images). I would then use the create HDR. This was better than using RAW files in my opinion. Easypano's create HDR button did a better job of correcting hot spots and dark areas. Important scenic windows I still do by hand in photoshop but overall it did an excellent job on everything else. I don't see an option for using bracketed images in 6.0 professional. I tried selecting the 12 images in the new project option. I select pre-stich. The progress bar goes to almost the end and an alert box comes up and says "error stitching". The help only shows examples of using bracketed images in the batch version. Is this only with the batch version now?
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Hello Randalltomes, welocme to the forum!

Panoweaver 6.00 professional does also support to create HDR, but the function is separated from the main program. After you install pW6 pro, you can find it by accessing "start>all programs>Easypano>panoweaver 6.00 professional edition>create HDR", or you can go to the installing directory of Panoweaver 6.00, there you can find "PanoweaverHDR.exe", double click it to run the HDR creating application.

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