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HDR - Cooling down hot spots

I tried some HDR software from They have a tool called exposure fusion that does a good job on cooling down the sun for outdoor covered decks with railings. It is almost perfect but for those shots only. Those can the hardest to fix though. It is still kind of hard to work with on cooling down windows for indoor shots. It helps but you still end up fussing with photoshop for those.  There are so many HDR programs that you could spend a long time testing them. Has anyone had in luck with cooling down sunny hot windows automatically using a 3rd party software?
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Just to wake this topic up !

I tried the HDR part of PW6 Pro !
It just useless !

It just creates output format that are not usable is any otherprograms :-(

Do you know any other HDR soft, efficace, easy to use andnot too expensive.


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