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PW6 Quicktime published output looks bad

I have stitched a perfect pano and then published a quicktime video of it and I keep getting these weird strips/bars of color in the video? Any ideas to what is happening? The flash and applet versions look fine.

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Yes, I agree,  I saw them in the panorama you emailed to me a week ago or so.

Those stripes appear to be the bottom cube face edges.  Appears that the bottom cube face has been edited... to make it 3 or 4 pixels difference size.

Fixing the tripod cap area.. are you converting the pano to cube faces,  editing out the tripod/pan head,  then reassembling the panorama back into a equirectangular image ?

Are you seeing the lines in the equirectangle image?

What version of QTVR are you using?

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hello Whyknott,

Does this problem happen to all of your QTVR output? have you tested this with the samples in the program? and what version of Quicktime installed on your computer? More information about this issue will be helpful.

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I think this is a bug in PW6, It does convert the pano to cube faces,but something wrong in it.I had a try on windows, it works well.

I will give attention to this problem.