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Panorama in Flash

It has taken me some time (at least a year) to migrate a single panorama display in Flash.

Click on the  - box when visiting this page Panorama using Flash

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Thats the smoothest flash pano I have seen Dave, very good. I tried to learn how to do that years ago and it was too hard to figure out so I said forget that. I doubt flash is much easier now.

If flash gets some kind of dewarping capability then tourweaver would have competetion, but right now tourweaver is the only one in its class for normal mid level tech guys like me to be able to figure out easily to be able to create flash types of effects like  interactive maps, audio rollovers, fades and record path stuff, etc..

Have a good day.




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I did manage to do a panorama in Director about an year back [it was posted in these forums at the time]. Am quite satisfied with the results. This was done by importing the 6 cubic images in Director and mapping it on to a cube primitive. Have since stuck with this technique and made numerous similar panos.

I have also seen someone taking a single panorama image into Director and converting it into a cubic pano. I have yet to figure how this is done.

The flash panorma posted above does not really convey the feeling of being a pano. Dewarping as mentioned by Dylan seems to make all the difference. The flash version seems to be faking the pano but still does not come close to the Java version. Still a very good effort.


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Hi, Dave,

3DVista have a program to create flash presentations from jpg-panorama-images (cylindricals). I have tried it once and found it very easy to use. Just load the image, define size of the viewer and export. I dont recall right now the name of the program but can find out when you are interested.



Holger Schulz, photoaround