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Tripod removal tool

I just tested the "Tripod Remover tool" ...

Here are some "nice to have" options/adaptations :

  • Resizable Popup window.
    To be able to precisely select the tripod area, we need to zoom to get the maximum visible part of the tripod.
    Problem is that the window is a fixed size !
    I'm running on 1920x1200 monitors ...
  • Once the area drawn, it is not possible to adapt it to come more close to the tripod area.
  • Once "REMOVE" is done (but not yet applied), no way to modify the area, parameter, ...
    It should be nice to see, using the same area, what happens when playing with the different parameters
  • zoom scale is fixe !
    50% does not show all of my tripod while 25% is too small to be precise !

Best regards,

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If you move. Tripod and take a shot of the ground where the tripod stood and include this shot when stitching you then do not have youse the remove tripod facility. However you may have to use the mask tool on the ground shot to remove your feet if they are included an if the stitch fails manually insert three or four points to one of the surround shots SIMPLE