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Help with Terms & Some Hardware Questions

Hello forum and Seaman,

     Since this seems to be the latest buzz
Could someone direct me to some links with
info about 3FE. I've only been stiching 2 hemisphere
images shot with the nikon fisheye and the 990 and
Panoweaver using a 180 degree rig.Pardon my stupidity
for this and stiching 101....What does the "FE" in "3FE"
or "4FE" stand for? In reading this forum I have also
seen a referance to "self leveling tripods" and certain
"nodal point correcting" hardwares Could anybody shed a
little light on these things as well. I offer in advance
my gratitude to anyone with imput on these matters.

Thank You

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Hi Jack,

FE simply means FISH EYE. As in fisheye lens.

Have no idea what is meant by self leveling triopod or nodal point correcting hardware. Try asking Joel at Digital Homes he is the one who made those comments.

Follow the link above and go to the forum, you will find lots of good info.


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"nodal point correcting" hardware is just the pano head, such as kiwi990, kiwi995 etc.  The pano head is also called rotator in iPIX website. Visit you will get to know what the nodal point hardware is.
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I want a self-leveling tripod! That would be great. Actually, I think that self-leveling tripod refers to the Kaidan apparatus which uses three points around what is essentially a circle to level a platform that is independent of the tripod. The camera is mounted on top of the second tier of the two tiered apparatus and then that top level can be adjusted independently of the rest of the unit/tripod.

I really wanted one of these but, after purchasing a pano head, fisheye lens, camera, and software, it was just not possible. So, I made my own! it works great and is customizable! Actually, my brand new Kaidan head can attest to the fact that I consider all of my equipment customizable...poor better though.