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Other cameras than Nikon

We are using Nikon Coolpix 950, 990, 995 and 5000 to create 360 images using a Nikon Fisheye lens.

Are there any other camera manufacturers that create cameras were fisheye lenses are available in the same pricing range ?

Are there any other lens-manufactorers that produce fisheye lenses for the Coolpix range ?



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I am afraid the answer to you maybe no. Anyway, below are the info I got about fisheye lens. Hope it maybe somewhat useful for you.

Olympus fisheye lens converter FCON-02  can be used with some kinds of Olympus DC, such as

Olympus D-340L
Olympus D-340R
Olympus D-360L
Olympus D-400Z
Olympus D-450Z
Olympus D-460Z

For more info about it, please visit

You may order it at

There are hardwares that can produce high quality panoramas:

Nikon D1/D1x/D1H/D100 + Coastal Optical fisheye lens.

The coastal Optical fisheye lens covers 185 FOV, but it maybe somewhat too expensive for most of us. The price for it is about $4495. (

Please note that only circular fisheye images can be used in creating spherical panos. Therefore, although there are some other fisheye lens that create diagonal fisheye image (16mm), these fisheye lens are not usable.

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