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Panoweaver 7 swf > Load in Flash Swf

Hy,few days ago i downloaded Panoweaver 7 and its rocks,works fine.

I Have Small Website project in flash (swf - as 2) and i want to load in it swf file created by Panoweaver 7 but no luck.

my File Name is Main.swf ,panoram file name is pano.swf

cod is

loadMovie("pano.swf", MC);

(MC is movieclip in flash )

but no luck..

Please if u can help me tell me the way i can load it in my flash site ... thanks

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I don't know the answer as I'm not a Flash coder.

But I can tell you that Panoweaver/Tourweaver use AS3 (Action Script 3) and is NOT compatible with older Flash 8 AS2.

Maybe a Flash coder can help you.

Regards, Smooth [8D]