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HTML Modal on Hotspot

Hello guys!

We are trying to integrate the exported HTML5 viewer with our enterprise system.

What we need is to know how we can activate a html MODAL popup when clicking on a hotspot.

The same way it can pop up an image, but we need an html modal with some buttons to trigger some ASP commands to our internal system..

Any ideas on how we could do that??

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi diogodasilva ,

Which version of panoweaver do you use ? Do you use professional verison Panoweaver7.4 ?

I wonder if  your question is you want add a link to your web in the panoVR by add a hotspot button?

When you add a hot spot in your stitched panorama ,except "popimage" " text" "hint" you will see " link to URL" ,so you can click it and do some settings .You can add images or button shape hotspot as well.

If i misunderstand your question,please let me can send email to