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ecodevoman: A guess would be that he shoots the sky hemisphere from the ground, and the ground from the helicopter then stitches. Some more really mind blowing aerial panoramas on this site. I wouldn't fly my DSLR on a kite I don't think but I might have a go with a second hand 4500 and FC E8.  It would be pretty cool to do some work for golf courses etc.

Just don't do it if there's any chance of a thunderstorm....

Cheers, John


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Quote: Originally posted by RotoPix on July-18-2004

Hi, C.

I also do aerial VR, but from a helicopter using a different technique. I liked your site, and the VR work looked very good. The stuff we do is here.

Thanks for letting us see your stuff. Cheers,

Brian Jackson

Cannot see your images on your website.
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Hi Brian,

I admire your aerial gallery. I was wondering how high in the air you were for Notro stadium and for Mishawaka?

Also, what do you connect to the nikon to while your at the helicopter so you can preview what your photographing? To a laptop?


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I generally maintain about 500~600' AGL and monitor the digi output through a digi camcorder LCD. I literally hang from the heli though, so it's a bit unnerving. I charge around $300~350 USD per shot for aerials, depending on quantity, and $400/hr. helicopter time. I developed the technique in 1999, and to my kowledge was the first to produce full-spherical aerials... can't confirm though. But it's sure been fun doing them! I'm currently building my own chopper from scratch, su hopefully next year we can pocket that $400/hr heli rental and let the aircraft pay for itself.


Brian Jackson