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What to choose ?


Please help, I am new in Panoramic photo environment. I want to choose software for making and using panoramic 360x360 photo.

I know about :

1) Panoweaver

2) Ipix

3) Richarround

4) Sphere Panorame

Can you give me info about comparing software .

What software will optimum (for quality) and do not expensive in use?

Many thanks for help.




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You can have a full-featured test with samples included in trial version of Panoweaver.

You can make as many panos as you want with only $299.95 .

No more per image fee.

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Thank for answer !

I have test IPIX , this is not pleasant to me is poorly and dearly

Your software is good , but I will I shall continue testing (I must be sure )

And also has liked me - full freeware, small size 7kb SP internet panoramic  viewer