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Make mine a case of Rioja cos my head is totally mashed. I'll sleep on all this and try it all again in the morning.

Talking of sleep is it something you do Smooth.  I can post anytime of the day and your always on hand to help 

Thanks again.


P.S I think I'm getting there!

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Sleep? Ha! do that when I'm dead.

Oops 5.14 am better go to bed I suppose.

Nite all, Smooth

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Yes, in several forums I read each day.. I am beginning to hear the same issues (read warning). 

The focus seems to be around.. having only ONE firewall operating.  It seems alot of software is blocked by the firewall.  Meaning you have to tweak the firewall to allow each piece of software to do its thing.

I read one comment where their Intel's Celeron CPU had to have its '?' rolled back in order to improve speed.  If you want me to go back and find the exact roll back procedure.. I can easily.  After the roll back, the machine was back up to normal speed.

I have put off installing service pack 2 for our local area networks workstations until they get their act together.


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I had some stuff on my PC stop working after doing the XP updates of like 50 MB.

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It's awful.  A Google search on XP SP2 problems brings up hundreds of messages.  Seems that Microsoft has done it - again.
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I suggest AVOID WINDOWS   - so sick of the wasting time on this os issues, even XP is a bit more stable then win me

I switched to MAC and I am more than happy!

You should consider it next time you plam to invest in new stuff.



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I used to work on Macs and loved them.  But to be honest, it's a nightmare when you work with clients who use nothing but PCs so Windows is the easier option for me.
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I'm not a fan of MS at all but I have applied SP2 any only had one problem with my ATI Video card which XP2 identified incorrectly. After updating my video drivers, everything is fine. All my software(including the trial of TW and PW) work just fine. I have had no problems at all. I did not use the AutoUPdate feature but used the full version upgrade. It went in cleanly and other than the video issue, no problems. I have oher Pano software (PTGUI, Panovista, 3DVista) and all worked fine after the upgrade.

The problems that most people are having seem to be with legacy software and "custom" applications in the corproate arena. Everyone who uses Non-Standard configurations can expect isseus, like pirate copies of XP and software that takes advantage of the "holes" that SP2 closes.

I did a full ghost backup prior to install as a safety issue and would recommend a good backup prior to the update.

As for trurning to Mac, I just may get one to see what all the raving is about.

Sorry for the off topic, but thought it was important to be fair with XP SP2..again my opinion of course..
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Below is a list of software which may have problem when working under XP SP 2:


Pagemaker  7  Adobe  
PageMaker (German)  6.5  Adobe  
Photoshop Elements  2  Adobe  
Nero 6 Ultra  6  Ahead  
Nero Bruning ROM  5.5.6  Ahead  
AOL  9  AOL  
AOL Toolkit  1.13.2  AOL  
Corel Draw 9 - PhotoPaint (German)  9  Corel  
DivxPlayer  2.5.3  Divx  
Command & Conquer Generals  ---  EA Games  
Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour  ---  EA Games  
Earth & Beyond  v.1  EA Games  
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2  1  EA Games  
SimCity 4  v1.0  EA Games  
Freedom Force  1  Electronic Arts  
Rational's Clearcase  2003  IBM  
ViaVoice for Windows Personal Edition 10  10  IBM  
SmartSuite Millennium Edition ScreenCam (German)  9.5  IBM Lotus  
ICQ Pro  3916  ICQ  
ColdFusion MX for J2EE 6  ---  Macromedia  
Freehand 8 (German)  8  Macromedia  
MapSend Direct Route  ---  Magellan  
McAfee Internet Security Suite 2004  6  McAfee  
McAfee Parental Controls  1  McAfee  
McAfee VirusScan  4.51  McAfee  
Netshield 4.5  ---  McAfee  
VisursScan  7  McAfee  Encarta Enzyklop?die  2002  Microsoft  
Age of Empires II: Age of Kings  ---  Microsoft  
Application Center 2000 SP2  ---  Microsoft  
BizTalk 2004  ---  Microsoft  
CMS  2001  Microsoft  
Comabt Flight Simulator 3  1  Microsoft  
Excel  2003  Microsoft  
Halo Combat Evolved (Arabic and Hebrew)  Trial  Microsoft  
MapPoint Europe  2004  Microsoft  
Microsoft Operations Manager  2000 SP1  Microsoft  
MS License  3.7  Microsoft  
MSBN  ---  Microsoft  
MSN  7.02  Microsoft  
MSN 9 QFE1 and 9.1 beta  9  Microsoft  
Office  11  Microsoft  
Office - Power Point 2002 (German)  2002  Microsoft  
Office Access 2002  2002  Microsoft  
Office System - Power Point  2003  Microsoft  
Office XP Access  10  Microsoft  
Office XP Professional Excel 10.0 SP2  ---  Microsoft  
Office XP SP2 - PowerPoint  11  Microsoft  
Office XP Standard  10  Microsoft  
Outlook 2000  9  Microsoft  
Outlook 2002  10  Microsoft  
Outlook 2003  11  Microsoft  
Outlook Web Access  x  Microsoft  
Revenge of Arcade  v1.0  Microsoft  
Server Administrator Tools  ---  Microsoft  
SMS  2.0 SP5  Microsoft  
SMS  2.0 SP5  Microsoft  
SMS  2003 RC2  Microsoft  
SMS  2003 RTM  Microsoft  
SMS  ---  Microsoft  
SNA Server 4.0 SP4  ---  Microsoft  
SQL  ---  Microsoft  
SQL  7  Microsoft  
SQL 2000a 2000a SP3  ---  Microsoft  
TaxSaver  1999  Microsoft  
Virutal PC  2004  Microsoft  
Visual Basic  6  Microsoft  
Visual C++ (16-bit)  2  Microsoft  
Visual Studio  7  Microsoft  
Visual Studio  97  Microsoft  
Visual Studio .NET Enterprise 2003  ---  Microsoft  
Visual Studio 98  6  Microsoft  
Windows Sharepoint Services  2  Microsoft  
Windows Sharepoint Services  ---  Microsoft  
Word  XP  Microsoft  
Works Suite 2004  2004  Microsoft  
WSS  2  Microsoft  
Real Player (free version)  10  Real Networks  
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne  1  RockStar Games  
Ghost Corporate Edition 7.5  ---  Symantec  
Norton Antivirus 2003  2003  Symantec  
Norton Systemworks 2003 - GoBack Personal Edition  Other MS  Symantec  
Norton Systemworks 2003 Professional Edition  2003  Symantec  
Norton Systemworks 2004 - GoBack32  Beta  Symantec  
PCAnywhere 11  ---  Symantec  
Smantec Antivirus Corporate Edition  8  Symantec  
Talkworks Pro  x  Symantec  
Yahoo  x  Yahoo  
Yahoo instant Messenger  x  Yahoo  
Yahoo Messenger  Yahoo  
PC Magazine Business Winstone Benchmark  2004  Ziff Davis  

For such a large programmar, bugs are inevitable. May God bless them. Amen.

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Hmm, I'll give SP2 a wide birth!

Almost as far as Apple

My system works quite nicely at this point and see no reason to change.

Regards, Smooth