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Olympus C-3030

Is any chance for use my Olympus C-3030 with Panowear?
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There's a chance but, you're probably better off not taking it. The chance is the fisheye lens produced by Olympus. This lens is not intended to work with the 3030 and you would have to modify adapters to make it work. For example, the extension ring that goes over the barrel is the correct thread at the end for the fisheye however, it is not long enough by a tiny bit. So, the lens of the fisheye bumps the lens of the camera and you cannot actually screw the fisheye on. You could modify the extension ring with a step-up ring or something and this is the "chance" that I'm talking about.

I know this stuff, of course, because I've been down that road. I usually try to make do with what I have but, in this case, I opted to sell my Olympus and the fisheye lens and start anew with a Nikon camera and their fisheye lens. I'm not sorry that I did it. I shoot homes for a living using a digital camera and can honestly say that the Nikon has greatly improved my work experience and efficiency. Just to explain myself, I used to shoot only tiff photos using my Olympus because I needed the extra quality for editing. The buffer time, combined with the file sizes and having to download the photos onto a laptop at regular intervals meant that I could count on at least 30-45 minutes per house. With the Nikon, I get equal, if not better, results shooting photos on the "fine" setting (jpeg). Thus, eliminating the buffer time and allowing me to shoot all day on one 128 meg card (usually getting home with at least 60 shots left). It now takes me about 10-15 minutes to shoot a house. It takes me 30-45 minutes now to shoot a house AND do virtual tours.

Like I said, I'm glad i switched.