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Panoramic record of house interior and virtual tour

My friend's house has some extensive murals of a wooded path and a brook that she would like recorded for her memories and possibly a virtual tour for selling the home. She plans to move out of state to be near her daughter.Some of the murals on the main floor are 2 stories high and extend over to the ceiling.

What would you suggest for the equipment and software to do a good job of this? She has a Nikon pocket digital camera that will take atleast 4 meg photos.




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Hi Whit!  Im sure Panoweaver / Tourweaver would provide a great 360 tour. You would need a pano head tripod, not sure on your friends camera / lens configuration

Heres a link on Lens considerations

I purchased the Virtual Tour Outfit (and used a Nikon D300 camera) and have been VERY happy with it along with Easypano Software / Tech Support.  Will you be making tours regularily? Also what country / state etc are you in?

May God Bless,



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Hey. I like the design in 3D graphics, so I can see everything with my own eyes and understand how it will look in reality. Do you know quality sites where you can create interior design in 3D?

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You can develop your own design only for entertainment. I would not recommend you to try in practice your design skills, because in the end you will have to live in such an interior. It is better to order services of 3d architecture and enjoy the result. You can always coordinate the project with the designer.


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I like your post, thank you for sharing it with us.