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I have a coolpix 8700 kit including Mrotator but my tripod is useless it has alot of movement in it because of the weight.

Please can you suggest a replacement

many thanks


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I like the bogen 3021 series.

What tripod u got now?

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When I use a lightweight tripod I hang my camera bag on it so that it hangs underneath, directly under the center post; the weight of the bag stabilizes the tripod very well. An easy solution that costs absolutely nothing!
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My tripod is a light weight aluminum 3 segmented leg, with thumb locks.  Its a Walmart $20 special.  It even has a hook directly under the center shaft where "INDEED" I do place our camera bag anchor weight.

It used to have a pan tilt head until I learned that it was keeping me from leveling our Kaidan Kiwi990 panorama head. When I removed the pan tilt head and handle, then only had a single shaft which I screwed on my kaidan quick leveler and Kiwi pan head.

The leveling and parallax issues promptly when away.  Image taking  dramatically improved our stitching quality. 

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I use Kaiden RC141. Cost me about $150. The change from my $20 alu tripod was needed due to the amount of shake I was getting. The new tripod, whilst being heavy, is worth it's weight in gold.
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Hi Guys,

I recently left for holidays and forgot to pack my tripod

Didn't forget my cameras or lenses, just the tripod! So I figured it was a good excuse to buy another. I looked at a HUGE selection but in the end went for a "no name" high quality professional tripod based on a Manfrotto only a little better in design and features.

As you can see it is a very well designed product. It includes a grip ball head (very close to a Manfrotto #222) and the centre removes to be a stand alone Monopod. The pistol grip ball head features 2 x circular bubble levels and 1 x spirit level. Snap lock adjustable legs, rubber self levelling ball feet. Padded leg grips and four position leg settings. The centre shaft (Monopod) can also be inverted so the camera can be suspended on the underside.

As bonuses it also came with 2 x snap lock quick release plates, a tensioning tool and canvas carry bag with pocket. (Fits MrotatorA with FC-E8)

  • Price? $325.00 AUD
  • Folded height =  720mm
  • Maximum operating height = 1680mm
  • Minimum operating height = 540mm
  • Weight (Heavy) 4000g (4Kg)

Happy? So long as I don't have to carry for half a day. Very pleased with my new toy (Oops! Professional Business Tool  )

Regards, Smooth

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I use a Bogen 3001. Sturdy and solid quality construction for about $100. Just the right height for taking pano shots with the legs fully extended.