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setup 995

Help an italian web designer!!
help me for the best setup for the coolpix 995 with fisheye for:
indoor pano
outdoor pano

thank you.
(...pardon my terrificant english.)

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I use Coolpix 995 with Nikon fisheye & KiWi-995 tripod head to do both indoor and outdoor panoramas.

Just set 995 to "F1" (zooms all the way out to record a circular image). I have found that it is VERY important to have camera leveled and get perfect alignment between the two shots to get a good stitched final image. This is because when shooting 360 degrees with the nikon fisheye there is very little overlap between front and back images so the slightest misalignment will result in bad lines where the images join. It took alot of practice in getting the KiWi-995 leveled front and back for me to get so I can consistantly get an acceptable final image.

Also, I always work on the resulting image with Photoshop to get a good looking image. I find the raw output of panoweaver always too dark and not sharp enough for my taste. I also find that if I use the lighting and sharpening built-in panoweaver it DESTROYS the image.