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I work in the real estate field and from what I heard you have to pay an up front fee of $499 per year to be a business linker. (Not sure, double-check w/ and an additional $20-$24 per link!! Hope this helps.
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Just read the newsletter about
What about uploading the Panoweaver files? I would like to get more info about it.

In the Realtor Upload ($29.95) page, I don't see Panoweaver listed in for "upload your pictures".

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On - Try the "Tourweaver Upload" page. The cost is $24.95 per link and includes hosting a sanatized MLS tour. Just remember to place your entire tourweaver "output folder" into a zip file and then upload the zip file.

It is best to: Create a folder for each listing (i.e.:  5467_james_way) no spaces or capital letters. Then output your tour from Tourweaver to that folder. Take that folder and drop it in a zip file and then upload.

More on Tourweaver Upload Program:

Oh, and ya the tour that you create is the one that is posted to So lets get creative.

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I am Real Estate agent in Anderson, SC and have just started using the PicturePath links product. In the past we used the Ipix solution from Homestore.

Rosalba, your assumptions are correct. A PicturePath agreement will allow you to post a link to your virtual tour page that you host yourself. I haven't seen any restrictions on what they can look like, but Homestore did make me sign an agreement that said they would review the tours from time to time. I also had to give them the domain and a sample URL (ie I can only post URLs that include the preapprove domain name. The tours are only distributed to

I have only posted a few tours with this new technology, but here is one. I used both Panoweaver and Tourweaver to create it. Click the spinning red house.

The cost is a one time fee of $250, annual fees of $250 and a sliding scale for per tour postings. Under 100 per month is $19.95 each. I think that's still way too much, but less than the $49.95 per tour I was paying with Ipix (but they hosted it too). This way I also have complete control over the tour pages look and feel.

Hope this helps,