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Custom size pano


I have this problem that when I set the custom size for a panorama in Panoweaver Standard Edition 3.01 when the scene is stitched the result is shown in the preview window. But when I publish it the movie is a 'normal size'.
Am I doing something wrong?
The size I want is say 800 pixels wide but it appears in a normal size window.
Any ideas.

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What do u publish it in???

The preview window has a given size. You will need to set the parameters of a viewer window yourself. In Tourweaver or ptviewer sticher for example you do this by sizing the window in the "design stage". Don't forget that java driven applications Tourweaver and ptviewer... lean heavily on sytem resources and can start to flicker, stop, judder or appear unsmooth in movement when over a certain size. The general guideline tends to be to limit size of a viewer window to approx 300x400 for which a 700x1400 pano gives you the best size to sharpness to file size value. Larger windows will require larger panos otherwise the underlieing image becomes to streched and loses quality. However the newest pt viewer applications http://  are better at displaying larger sized panos. Another option would be to use a QuickTime based solution which tends to be the solution of choise for full screen work. PW will output QT cubics. You will require a QuickTime Tourweaver equivalent and some QuickTime experience to make a tour. If you have questions to this... send me a mail off forum as I try and limit conversation of non-Easypano products on this forum.

I hope this helps

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