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What Cheeses Me Off? Kaidan

What cheeses me off today is Kaidan.

I have sent 4 emails to this company over a period of a week the first being sent last Friday 18-Feb-2005 asking to purchase a $350.00+ product. Being an existing customer and having already spent $1000+ you would think you would get a reply? Nothing! Nada, Zip not even an auto-responder.

Been over 7 days now. "CRAP SERVICE"

Just a warning to others.

Seems they don't want or need my cash. I would suggest to Jim Anders this is no way to run a business. Whats the point of promoting a product and having a website if you refuse to answer legitimate request to buy your products?

Totally amazed.

Regards, Smooth

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it is disapointing.

theres a possibilty ur email was delivered as junkmail and thererfor they never saw it.

i dont remember my email expirence with them, but over the phone they werer helpful and replied immedately.

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I am surprised by the lack of response by Kaidan to your e-mails. I have always found them to be extremely efficient and cordial in their communications, and very quick in their responses.

Perhaps, as VT360 suggests, your e-mails have been tossed as spam. The mail server that I use is applying stronger filters and the occasional legitimate e-mail is apparently being lost. The solution? Send e-mail as plain text, include no graphics and do not send the mail as html. That should take care of those pesky (but increasingly necessary) spam filters on the receiving end.


Robert Jeantet