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Count me in too.
mike (Gidg)
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Until now, the Virtual Tour templates were general. I had two templates there, for everybody to test with.

I just added the user based templates support. General Templates will be still available and their number will increase as soon as I will have more time designing them (feel free to share any templates for this purpose). The users can have own designed templates, which only they can use. The user templates are in the same list as where the templates are.

I described the template protocol on one thread in the vtps support forum.

Other news:

1) the comercial support is almost done. I mean, you will be able to bill your customers for the VTours published, let them login to check balance, do limited editing in the tours (change scene order the same way you can, change Scene labels, make them visible/invisible)

2) QT support to come soon.

Have phun
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I'd love to be included, ...count me in.

I have just logged into the page and signed up, just waiting for activation. I have over 10 years in 3D so could provide advice and suggestions pertaining to developments in that area.