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Hi folks.  Now, I'm a newbie to photography and I'm interested in doing Virtual Tours.  I've recently just bought the Nikon Coolpix 995 with the E8 Fisheye lens.  Now here is my question.  After reading the FAQs on this web page they recommend that I use a rotator from Kaidan.  I know it holds the camera into place, but what else does it do?, and is it necessary to use for 360 views?


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The most significant factor i believe in obtaining 2 useful hemispheres is being able to rotate 180?around the fixed nodal point of the camera. I use the Kiwi bracket, with a 995, and FCE8. it does save time and allow for images to be taken consistently, however be careful that the camera (as well as the bracket) is level.

see for detailed specs on nodal points

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This is very true. 

To be more specific regarding the 'Tilt Issue'  click on topic 18 when you visit this page.



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