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Error Log!

I'm sure this has been discussed before... I have been searching everywhere for the answers with no luck.

I am seeing tons of errors in my sites error log that look like this:

[Fri Mar 4 13:57:47 2005] [error] [client ip address] File does not exist: /home/site/public_html/tour/ptviewer$COMClassObject.class


[Fri Mar 4 13:48:56 2005] [error] [client ip address] File does not exist: /home/site/public_html/tour/ptviewerBeanInfo.class

What are these errors and how do I fix them?
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Thanks for the reply... renaming files is not the problem. I don't even have these files. They are not located in the ptviewer.jar file. I have searched google and found a post on the yahoo panotools group with someone asking the same thing as me with no replies since 2003.

Seaman, Dave, Smooth, VT360 none of you guys have had this problem?

Hoping for a fix...... anyone?

File does not exist: /home/site/public_html/tour/ptviewer$COMClassObject.class
File does not exist: /home/site/public_html/tour/ptviewerBeanInfo.class
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There is a chance that your ptviewer.jar is corrupt this can happen when uploading.

Just to be sure....

You have the following items in the one folder?

  • ptviewer.jar
  • panorama.jpg
  • panorama.html

Re-upload the ptviewer.jar file again

The easiest way is to let us look at the live panorama. Post the URL

As mentioned before .class files make up in combination a .jar file

.class file can be added or withdrawn from a .jar file depending on intended use/purpose.

Regards, Smooth

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Many servers run on Unix or Linux; these systems are completely intolerant of differences in uppercase and lowercase file names. If you have uploaded, say, ptviewerBeanInfo.class through a ftp program that automatically changes all filenames to lowercase, the name of the file on the server will then be ptviewerbeaninfo.class, and browsers will not be able to find the file if their code specifies the original name which includes uppercase characters.

I personally am careful always to name all files (and extensions) in lowercase to avoid this type of problem. However, the java applets and ActiveX scripts are programmed to summon files with the original uppercase characters. So it is imperative that you make sure that the files summoned by applets and various scripts have the exact same uppercase and lowercase characters in their names once they are uploaded to the server. You can use your FTP program's rename function to correct any discrepancies.

If that doesn't correct the problem, it must be something else...

I hope this helps



Robert Jeantet