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I am not sure if my previous post in tour loading topic will get viewed, so I will try a new topic......I have been having the same problem as many with the status bar only getting up to 90% and then freezing. I went back and re-published my tour, taking the encryption off, and it still did not work. I am trying to post the tour on a client's website using Microsoft Frontpage. Unfortunately they do not have an experienced IT guy to help me out. Any suggestions on what to try next? Thanks
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Hey estrnboarder

I use frontpage for all of my web work. One thing that you may need to do before you re-publish is to remove the tour files from the server before you re-publish, when publishing over the same file TW doesnt allways change the files.
Even though frontpage says that it did. Just a thought it might help.
mike (Gidg)
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Nice to know others have the same problem.

I appear to have found my problem source.

I had been creating a tour with the classic skin the adding the scenes etc, previewing is where the problem occured. But when I click on the Skin button (first in the toolbar) then build the tour all seems ok even with unusual fonts! As I haven't tried this extensively don't take it as gospel. I will try it a few more times and see if it works.

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Hi Graeme


I have had the same problem as you, so maybe my answer can help you.

ALL files must only contain english letters. I had named one of the pictures with a Danish letter. When I changed the letter, my tour worked without problems.


It could also have something to do with your JVM.


Hope you get to solve your problem.


Best regards


Morten Andersen - a newbie trying to improve

Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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Hi there...

as has been mentioned... only use english letters and numeruals 0-9. Also don't leave any spaces betwen file names eg kitchen - should be kitchenfront.jpg. This will solve 95% of loading issues. 4% is the republishing issue mentioned above. 1%.... welll nobody is perfect... ;-)

Let us know if u have any further problems.

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