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Choose the stable way to transcribe audio and video to text

only those may recognise that very well if they are doing the typing jobs to transcript the audio and video. After all the manual effort there is no surety and accuracy of the job that you have done. Here the problem is behind this is very common and usual. For human being deliver appropriate text by listening it and maintaining the speed is quite impossible. Here a simple technique named transcribe audio to text has come to solve your crisis.  
Feature: Through this you can easily choose your audio and video and send them to transcription. It has the ability to convert almost all languages. More of it you may define your own key to handle the application. This can be a single keypress system to transcribe video to text.
Field of use: starting from social media post to educational use, obtaining information from meeting and conference to send an official announcement to multiple contacts. This is a unique solution where you don’t need to think about the success of your message delivery and support. The technology of transcribe audio to text will do the rest after you select the audio and video.  
So, stop typing, pausing, stop and rewinding your audio and videos and take lift of transcribe audio to text to save your time and energy and be sure that your message are reaching your targeted contacts in text mode.