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Backpack with yoga mat holder

I found yoga interesting in early ages. However, my family thought I was not that serious about it. They did not support me at all. Years later, when I grew up and social media developed and became popular I found some information about yoga while I was surfing the internet. I learned and read some basic things about yoga and decided it was better to not waste money in gyms, which would only change my physical side. I decided to spend this money on yoga equipment and to start my practices at home. I bought yoga backpack, yoga mat backpack, yoga clothes, and yoga mat and backpack with yoga mat holder. Items you need to practice yoga. Since I had problems with communication to other people, yoga helped me with that too.  
At first practicing at home was hard, because I was doing it wrong. Since my practices were not as perfect as they should have been, I achieved my results somewhat late. Yoga at first improved my coordination; flexibility and body possess technique. I always say, “If I could not find yoga, I would suicide”. Yeah, yoga helped me a lot to overstep my complexes and all the problems I had. Nowadays, my life is very active and dynamic and I cannot spend that much time on yoga like the one I did in the past. However, I still find some time to practice it at home, because I have spine aches. Several asana of yoga solves this problem. Before you go to sleep, it is great to practice ten to fifteen minutes. All you need is yoga mat and some techniques to lie down relaxed and tired.  
In yoga, practices main part is breathe. Breathe is relevant to every emotion of human. It is a strong bond between breathe and emotions we feel or express. This simple practice has many healing effects. Each pose has its own principle. It is not optional to work only on problematic sides. Asana helps us to concentrate and heal our whole organism, our whole body. It helps us to develop and work properly on our spirit.  
I think that yoga is very useful. It is helpful for both spiritual and mental abilities. If your yoga knowledge is deep and wide, your results are same too. Yoga improves the state of body, spirit and brain. Some facts are easy to solve, but there are facts, which does not need to solve. You just need to feel them, face them yourself and get experience from them. Does not natter have finances to go in yoga school or practice at home, purchase yoga matand start your practicing…