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Iobit smart defrag 5.3 pro

Iobit smart defrag 5.3 pro is a potent defragmenting tool that aims to organize your files and folders in such a manner that your computer's performance improves.

The user-interface is sophisticated and straightforward to navigate via, permitting any kind of users to immediately get familiarized with Smart Defrag, even these much less experienced. Within the key app window it is possible to view all drives prepared for evaluation and/or defragmentation, together having a bit of details on them, like free of charge and total size. In addition, it is possible to add a specific file or folder, also as defrag video games and Windows eight apps.

You will find a number of defrag modes out there: defrag only, defrag and quickly optimize, defrag and complete optimize, or defrag and prioritize files. What is far more, Iobit smart defrag 5.3 pro patch supports automatic, boot time and scheduled defrag jobs. Plus, you'll be able to allow the computer to shut down, sleep, hibernate or reboot after Smart Defrag finishes a task.

Automatic Defrag is actually a defragmenting method that is definitely initiated once a volume has been idle for more than a number of minutes, and it pauses whenever resource usage exceeds a specific number (these numbers might be configured inside the "Settings" menu).

Boot Time Defrag performs a defragmenting process on files that can't be safely moved even though Windows in operating. You may also schedule defrags for those who do not desire to interfere. In addition, you may build an exclusion list for any files and folders you don't want to be analyzed or defragmented.

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