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Hi there Manir,

TW will always open in ur browser. You need to make a chromless window (without all the menu buttons) for it to appear as if not in a browser window... which it still is. Drop me an email and I'll send you the code.

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Hi Phoenixrising

i have been working on a non internet based project where i need to open up a chromless window and have not been having much success...Would there be any chance of taking a peek at this code too...?



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Ok.. I looked at both Flash providers.

We approached panoramas in Flash in a different direction.  We have Flash MX and a rather complex .fla template.  In Flash MX you can change flash work file's the parameters (image size, autorotate, timed delay and a few other options) and then publish it to a .swf file format.  The flash work file .fla was developed by our Client.

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