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Tourweaver 1.25 not installing


I have successfully loaded Tourweaver 1.25 about a week and a half ago and used it successfully in trial mode.

As part of recovering from an unrelated system crash, I uninstalled it using the tourweaver uninstall and also the windows control panel uninstall

I have tried to reinstall the software at least five times since then and get windows installer errors each time. Windows either puts up a dialog box saying that .... the installation cd must be used for some required files ...... or (after installing the most current version of the Microsoft Windows Installer) .... the installation package is corrupt.

I have tried loading the original package and also re-downloading the twwin.exe 3 times.

No success.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a link anywhere to an older version of the Tourweaver 1.25 executable installation?

Anyone had success recently (this week) installing the twwin.exe package?

Any suggestions? I'm baffeled ... this worked just fine a week and a half ago.

System: Windows 2000pro SP4
I have administrator rights
my firewall is shut off


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Hi Jack,

I have sent you an email about the solution, please have a check.

Some os files may be damaged or lost during the process of fixing your computer problems, which may caused Tourweaver install failure.

Best regards,