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collection that balanced his

Thomson was happy to tell me all about what it was like to be on a national television show and share the spotlight with the notorious Ramona Singer — and I was happy to record our conversation, then transcribe it, and now Im happy to include it below, for your reading pleasure.

JM: Well on The Hunger Games, of course we looked at Alexander McQueen, we looked at every sort of out-there designer because they’re geniuses. We looked at everything, I mean literally everything except, well I can’t say there was anything we left off those boards. There were little bits from every designer that we kind of stuck all over our board. It was mostly going for silhouette because when you have limited resources and you’re doing big crowds, it’s about silhouette and color. We had a very limited palette even though everyone looks very colorful, we stuck to black and three colors and tried to keep a really tight palette in the Capitol. So, i just think you have to kind of make those decisions when you create the world.tFS: How hard is it to create the superhero costumes like the ones in X-Men and Captain America?

By combining latex along with silicone, lamés, and leather with chiffon, silk, and cotton, Asher and his team created a collection that balanced his penchant for the ominous with the sophistication and style of classic, graceful couture. Within the 17 looks were all the individual items that would define a well-thought-out collection. The bodice of an evening gown imbued maleficence in “burned” latex but flared into tiers of sensual cotton ruffles. A demure pencil skirt was powerful and sleek in black lamé, overlaid in tulle. The bolero jacket was classic Oscar or Carolina with a satin collar and beading, but ever more Asher with its bug motif. A draped, sheer floor length wrap was delightfully erotic yet eerily embellished with a spider clasp.