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global lumber resource

global lumber resource

by every means Gong Zidou is aromatic. Supply of global lumber resource tightens up signal already unusual and intense, while Chinese lumber businessman]Linear Foot Costing For Fencing[/url] maintains home market sale channel, still need to take foreign lumber resource seriously to develop highly, such ability competes in prospective market remain invincible.

Abundant forest group predicts net first quarter 2017 gain grows 640%-660% compared to the same periodRecently, abundant forest group (601996) release [url=]Plastic Wood Garden Edging Price[/url] outstanding achievement premonitory, predict 1-3 month is attributive 2017 appear on the market the net profit of company shareholder grows 640.00% compared to the same period, 660.00% . Increase rate of profit of average net profit is family expenses light industry 39.99% .

The company is with market demand oriented, undertake adjustment to beaverboard product structure, with having aldehyde board, engrave the high-end product [url=]Wood Rail Fencing For Sale[/url] such as mill board regards core as the product, make company 2017 profit of beaverboard business net profit grows considerably compared to the same period first quarter;

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