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Facetime for Windows and Android users

Facetime for Windows and Android users is not available officially, but now non-apple users can also enjoy the features of the Facetime app by following the instruction in this post. You will learn in detail the simple steps on how to use Facetime on your Windows  8, Windows 7 PC’s and laptops . Before we go into the details on “how to use Facetime on PC”  lets get to  know a few things about this app. If you are familiar with using this video chat app, you can scroll down and view the instructions on how to install it on your PC. facetime for android apk and windows 10 is the most powerful, most popular operating system by Microsoft so far. For anyone who has installed Windows 10 and is worried that FaceTime might not work. But rest assured. Though it is an official Apple application and supports with only Apple devices or Android. If you follow the above steps, exactly as we’ve told you to, then you’ll easily get Facetime for Windows 10. Let us know if you face in problems in downloading or installing Facetime on Windows 10, by using the comment section below.