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How to limit those great harm from used cartridge?

Completed cartridge can not be recovered according to law, serious environmental and resource overdrafts. According to the survey, domestic users disposable disposable toner cartridge, most of the remaining about 10 to 30 grams of toner, and per gram of toner that can contaminate 0.8m3 of land. Toner is also very volatile, the formation of dust, pollute the air. China's annual air will add hundreds of thousands of kilograms of pollution particles. At present, domestic supplies recycling to "road guerrillas" mainly recovered by unscrupulous manufacturers to counterfeit. Recyclable toner cartridges only account for 0.5% of the market, while the European and American markets reach 50%. Compared with the disposable hp cf230x produced by the original printing manufacturers, each million liters of environmental toner cartridges are manufactured, sold and used, saving 2.71 million liters of petroleum , 7112 tons of carbon dioxide (sulfur) reduction, huge potential for energy saving and emission reduction.

Toner cartridge there is a serious risk of disclosure, threatening the national information security. At present, the State Secrecy Bureau of Hunan Province, the State Secrecy Bureau of Xishuangbanna Prefecture of Yunnan Province, the State Secrecy Bureau of Zhuhai Municipality of Guangdong Province, the State Secrecy Bureau of Zhongshan Municipality, and the State Secrecy Bureau of Handan City of Hebei have all released information on hidden dangers of leaks in cartridges. According to the survey, the main way to seize the cartridge is to add a photoelectric scanner on the cartridge. When the document passes through the photoelectric scanner, the scanner starts to work. When the document leaves the sensor, the scanner stops working and the scanned document information is stored In the theft device memory, you can launch through the built-in wireless launcher, but also to be scrapped cartridge read USB interface to read the stored file. At present, the core technologies of laser printers and other office equipment are in the hands of foreign companies. Most domestic users adopt foreign products, leaving many "traps" for the work of keeping information confidential in the country.

Unknown raw materials, prone to legal risks. In 2007, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs issued the announcement on the 17th after being issued by four ministries and commissions. The raw materials for the production of laser printing consumables under the processing trade are forbidden to be imported. Now, some supplies companies rely on the illegal import of raw materials, or their own mold injection production, there is a legal risk.