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Only Active X is not a good solution. You put yourself into a limited segment only for Internet Explorer users. More and more users are installing also other browsers. A good support of Java would be a better solution. For security reason you can explain that Java runs in its sandbox without security flaws for the user.

Have a look at the specifications of the new Immervision G2 Viewer. Inside the XML structure there are all parameters that can be used to build virtual tours with an application like Tourweaver. What about supporting
Also the G2 Java Viewer from Immervision can run panoramas in full screen. So it's possible to manage the memory problems with big panoramas. And if a panorama can run in fullscreen, we can put also the whole tour with map, compass and still pictures inside the applet.
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I will not buy Tourweaver if it doesn't support Java.

I repeat.  I WILL NOT BUY IT.  You will lose me as a customer and, more importantly, your core customer base.

For the great reasons listed in previous posts, I truly hope that Easypano does not abandon Java in favor of an ActiveX-only format. 

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Thats not how I'm reading it... though I hope I'm wrong and java still is supported.
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Well easypano theres your answer. If TW no longer supports JAVA you will loose a LOT of customers so TW 2 will just be wasted development. the obivous choice is to give US the choice to OUR customers on what format is suitable for them. Therefore TW 2 should support most formats. inc JAVA and quick time etc.