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Uh oh - 29 views and no feedback.  Gulp!  Is the tour that bad?? 



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Hi Steiner,

Mate, I looked and it was fine.

Didn't come across any issues at all and I generally liked the tour. I don't go much on your buttons but the rest of your graphics are nice and keep in common and the general theme of your website.

I congratulate you on changing the name of the viewer window from the default "Skin" title. I would think you could also do better than having the applet positioned in the default top left hand corner with a waste of space around the rest of the page. I would also consider making the "radar" less prominent (make it more transparent) annoying things that they are!

These thoughts I would have kept to myself because some people believe it is whinging (which of course it's not!) It's an opinion...... An honest one.

Which we all entitled too!

No offence intended, a great job that could have some improvements to make it stand out from the masses.

Regards, Smooth